Management Development Programme

Management Development Programme (MDP)

  1. Business Strategy:
  2. This part provides a comprehensive view of the strategic management lifecycle and typical tools and techniques employed to think and plan strategically, as well as to make sound decisions. The course will focus on the processes, tools and techniques used for strategic thinking, planning and decision making, providing ‘joined up thinking’ between the different phases of the strategic management lifecycle, in a practical, pragmatic and immediately usable manner.

  3. Effective Management Tanique:
  4. This part of the course designed to equip aspiring mangers with the tool box necessary to be effective within a contemporary management role whether it be international or local. The course brings together functional as well as psychological factors that include emotional intelligence, time management, motivation and coaching so that delegates can recognise and apply the correct tactic at the right moment.

  5. Managerial Finance:
  6. This module will teach you about the key tools and techniques used to measure performance and make financial management decisions in an organisation, as well as financial reporting. This course will also give you an introduction to the issues of short-term financing and working capital management. Attendees should be able to provide a solid ground for any manager in the principles of Managerial finance as well as understand and apply fundamental concepts such as financing, leverage, corporate analysis and budgeting.

  7. Marketing Planning and Strategy:
  8. This part of the course provides an introduction to the purpose, processes and methodologies of marketing planning, strategies and operations. Through presentation and discussion of your existing knowledge, lecturer experience and examples of good practice, you will develop a more informed understanding of the purpose of marketing planning and engage with a variety of underlying issues – strategic, operational and tactical.

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